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sky cave

For almost a decade, we retreated in complete solitude into the remote wilderness in Mount Shasta, California and Southern Baja, Mexico. 

From that, a deep desire was born to create a sanctuary for both ourselves and other sincere and self-initiated practitioners.  Now, enfolded in the quietude and purity of the wild, we are able to offer this.



We have spent over two years in self-guided solo retreats fasting and meditating in the wilderness, over a year at various Goenka Vipassana Centers sitting and serving, and have also done extensive formal retreats with various spiritual teachers and adepts across many different lineages & traditions.

We have done over 70 days in the dark in multiple solo dark retreats and have also done a couple together. 


We have been deeply transformed by the profound depth of these dark retreats.


We also have a strong passion for land stewardship, natural building, organic gardening, raising our wild children, and a life immersed in nature’s beauty, simplicity and majesty.

We feel fortunate that we have the opportunity to fuse many of our different passions together – offering these earth-bermed dark retreats, enfolded in the wilderness, while serving retreatants organic food from our seasonal gardens. 


To date – we have supported and facilitated over 400 dark retreats.



... to welcome you into this wild sanctuary to share in the many blessings that both these dark retreats and the surrounding wilderness have to offer. 


It is a joy to serve and support fellow sincere practitioners in such a deep and transformational journey

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" I am a continuation like the rain is the continuation of the cloud"

- Thich Nhat Hanh

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