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The nearest town is Ashland which is 30 minutes away and the nearest airport is in Medford which is about 45 minutes from the land.  We are happy to pick you up at the airport or in Ashland if needed.

As you get closer to the land, you begin to enter more rural and wild landscapes.  You eventually pass one of our closest neighbors who is over a mile away from us.  We are at the very end of a private and gated road.

at sunset


Check-in time is a few hours before sunset.


We will have an hour orientation in which we will walk the land, get you situated, review the meal plan, run through the day-to-day, and answer any questions that you may have.

You will have the remainder of the day to settle into the space, get oriented and familiar with the cabin and enjoy the surrounding elements.  We highly encourage you to schedule a full day to unplug, slow down, and drop into your new rhythm before going into the dark.

Just before sunset, we will come up with a meal and also have one final check-in and answer any remaining questions that you may have.

We will show you how to do the final blacking-out at the bottom of the door so you can enter into the dark when you are ready.

the dark

day to day

With the exception of us coming to tend to your material needs once a day from outside your room, you will be totally undisturbed in the darkness until the end of your retreat.

We can always make unique prior arrangements for those who wish to limit or even completely avoid us coming up to tend to basic needs.   We can also make prior arrangements to come up twice daily for check-ins.

The basic needs that we daily tend are food delivery, stoking the wood stove in the winter, and also giving you an opportunity to let us know if you need any additional support.

Included in your dark retreat is 2 organic meals delivered to you once a day. We bring both these meals around sunset through a double door. There is pure and filtered mountain water on tap.

Our dark retreat cottages do an amazing job at both retaining heat and providing insulation thus moderating temperatures.  In the heat of the summer, the space remains moderately cool and in the cold of the winter, the space never gets very cold.

If you ever feel that you need additional support, we are here for you.

The cabin is nestled in the woods on a mountain side 1/4 mile away from any other structures on the land. 

During the orientation, we will walk through where to find us in the unlikely event that any emergency situation arises and you need immediate attention.

The cabin is equipped with a flushing toilet, a sink and hot bath.



Retreatants may choose to do a dark retreat for as short as 3-5 days to as long as 10-40+ days. 


This will depend on many different factors ranging from their prior dark retreat experience along with other solo and group retreats to the degree of intensity, depth, and solitude they desire to experience.

We typically recommend starting with 3 to 5 days in the dark with one full day to settle in upon arriving and one full day to integrate after emerging from the dark.


For advanced practitioners who have spent extensive time alone, on retreat, and/or are familiar with resting deeply in stillness,  we recommend 5-10 days in the dark.

Typically, most retreatants find that they sleep, more or less, for the first 24-48 hours.  As the days continue to unfold, they tend to find that they need less and less sleep.  Many eventually find that they either do not need to sleep at all or are only sleeping for 1-2 hours a night.

Heightened sensitivity and the opening of the subconscious can naturally begin to arise as early as the 3rd day of the retreat and continue to intensify as the retreat progresses. 


This is due to different neurochemical reactions that occur from various glands and hormones being both suppressed and/or stimulated from the light deprivation and the simple nature of the dark and solitude.

in the dark


Integration from the dark can be a very delicate process.

It is a great idea to consider booking a few extra days both before and, most highly recommended, after your dark retreat so that you can deepen your retreat and slowly integrate.

Check out time is a couple hours after sunrise.

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- Trungpa Rinpoche

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