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... is a common practice for many of the ancient spiritual traditions from around the world. 

Their dark rooms have appeared in many different forms — from the pyramids for the ancient Egyptians, to the catacombs for the ancient Romans and the caves for the Kogi Mamos in Colombia along with the lamas, monks, adepts and sincere practitioners throughout India, Tibet, China and other parts of the world.



Tibetan Buddhist Dzogchen meditation practitioners spend years in preliminary and regenerative stage practices before even entering into dark retreat. This also holds true for many ancient and traditional taoist and hindu practitioners.



... the highly respected tribal priests of the Kogis are brought into caves for the first 9 years of their lives to undergo strict training and discipline to assume this role. 

In India, dark retreat is often times coupled with Kaya Kalpa retreats for very advanced practitioners.  Kaya Kalpa is a specialized field highly revered within the Ayurveda and Siddha medical systems for regenerating the body.  It is traditionally done alone in darkness along with the application of various herbal concoctions.

Aboriginal Australians would retreat in dark caves anywhere from 2 to 28 days while water fasting.  The tribal doctors recommended darkness retreat to its people to help with depression and disconnection.  They found that it created a profound shift in awareness and reconnection to the land and one's essence.



What happens when we slow down, take away sensory input and see what is behind the masks, roles and personas that make up our life.

Like a truth serum, the darkness reveals our coping strategies, subconscious defense patterns and assimilated beliefs.  We are presented with an opportunity to notice what keeps our attention at the surface, to be honest with what we are feeling in our body and to discover and deepen into what truly matters most.

We invite you to join us exactly as you are and simply settle into a direct felt-sense experience in your body,


We take a somatic approach to darkness retreat where we invite you to simply welcome, include, and receive all of your parts, all of your emotions, all of your lack and the totality of your experience.


as you are

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" No practices are even neccessary for this quest."

- Ramana Maharshi

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