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A deep preparation for one's time in darkness.

In our ongoing exploration of how best to support people in their preparation for darkness retreat - we are collaborating with our dear friends at Cascadia Quest again and offering another weekend-long all men's grief ceremony on our retreat land here in Southern Oregon.


Tending Male Fire is a unique opportunity for men to gather for the weekend as we turn towards our tender hearts and explore an unseen world of grief.

This will be a four day and three night wilderness retreat and ceremony for men only from May 24th - 27th, 2024.





"Grieving is an art that when it is fully known and made to actively happen in all its grandeur and integrity, is the backbone of all real peace."

~ Martin Prechtel

We live in a culture where grief, anger, sadness, and all "negative" emotions are immediately swept under the rug and never given a real space to move.

During our Tending Male Fire retreat, we'll dive deeply into three critical aspects of male fire and healthy masculinity: Anger, Grief, and Power.


In a strong, supportive circle of brothers, you'll experience the healthy release of anger; anger, which so often covers the softer emotions beneath.


You’ll learn the tools of grief-tending and feel the relief of its release. Feeling freer with these weights off your shoulders, you’ll better know your power and its healthy movement in the world.





"Surrendering to your sorrow has the power to heal the deepest of wounds."

~ Sobonfu Some

This retreat weekend is facilitated by skilled guides, Booster Blake and Rob Miller, along with experienced support staff.


Ibrahim Sory Sylla, spectacular drummer and acrobat from Guinea, will play drums for the ceremonies as well as lead movement for men.


Tending Male Fire will take place on our retreat land in Southern Oregon


Delicious, organic breakfasts and dinners and on site camping are included. Participants must be self-sufficient with camping gear.

Join Us

When: May 24-27, 2024

Where: Our retreat land in the Cascade-Siskiyou Wilderness.  We will camp near a creek in a gorgeous setting.

Tiered Equity Pricing: Please contact us for details on pricing.

Includes organic breakfasts and dinners, and on-site camping.

Participants: Max group number 36. For men ages 18 and older.

Very limited space left.

Please email us at to register.


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“Grief is praise, because it is the natural way love honors what it misses.”

- Martin Prechtel

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